Violence Prevention – Enterprise-wide Training

Executive  Overview

  •  Critical Issues in Violence Prevention Program Design
  •  Definitions of and on Data Violence Behavior
  •  OSHA and Litigation Exposures
  •  Management Roles in Program Implementation and Threat Management
  •  Components of a Comprehensive Violence Prevention System
  •  Training and Roll-out Strategies

Supervisory / Union Representative Violence Awareness Training

  •  Definitions of Violence Prevention
  •  OSHA  and Litigation Exposures
  •  Interactive Exercise in Assessing Potential Violence – Video Tape
  •  Behavioral Indicators of Potential Violence
    • Video Case History of Actual Perpetrator
  •  Comprehensive Violence Prevention Policy and System
  •  Supervisor’s Role In Violence Prevention
  • Observation
  • Investigation
  • Documentation
  • Liaison to the Company Threat Assessment Team
  • Assisting the “Aggressive” Individual 
  • Verbal Diffusion and Personal Safety
  •  Distribution of Handouts

Employee Awareness Training

  •  Definitions of Violence
  •  Behavioral Indicators of the Potentially Violent Individual
  •  Video Case History- Analysis of an Actual Perpetrator
  •  Company Violence Prevention Policy and System
  •  Questions
  •  Distribution of Handouts