Robbery Prevention, Personal Safety and Recovery after Assaults and Violent Incidents

Because of the special vulnerability to crimes and assaults by employees of taxi companies, small convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores and retail establishments, employers should offer specialized training in this area.

The Curriculum of the Robbery / Assault Recovery Seminar can contain the following topics for employer strategies regarding robbery prevention and recovery.

These topics may also be broken into several training modules, given the time available, training delivery systems and preferences of different employers:

  • Preparedness before the robbery
  • How to behave during an actual robbery, assault or violent incident
  • Do’s and Don’ts during robbery incidents
  • Pre-attack indicators of assault
  • Indicators of the potentially violent individual / customer
  • Good practices for coping with robbery incidents
  • Hostage situations
  • Active Shooter Considerations
  • Components of the organizational Emergency Action Plan
  • Assisting individuals with special needs and/ or disabilities
  • Managing the consequences of a robbery / assault incident
  • Stages of Crisis Reactions and healing after robbery / assaultive incidents
  • Organizational post-robbery recovery and support activities
  • Psychological resources to help the employee recover and reduce worker compensation claims
  • Working with the Police, Media, Company Resources
  • Contacting the Employee’s Family
  • Follow-up Strategies