Managing Domestic Violence in the Workplace

This workshop is designed to increase participants understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence, the cycle of violence, warning signs of abuse and referral information for proper support, and how to identify the proper personnel within your company to address safety concerns.

Outline of components, skills and tools needed to identify and give appropriate assistance to any employee who may be involved in an abusive relationship. Participants will learn potential indicators of victims and perpetrators, community resources and how to communicate effectively about domestic violence in a business setting. This workshop is highly interactive and provides role-playing for practice and skill building.

 This program discusses how can save organizations direct financial costs such as: increased medical and medical insurance expenses, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, increased turnover, increased recruitment costs, hiring and training costs, attorney fees and court cost, disability accommodations, and potentially lost business. It can also save money in indirect costs, such as fear and stress in the workplace, reduced morale and compromised teamwork