Kenneth L. Wolf, Ph.D.

Executive Director, IMTKen

Dr. Wolf consults on Threat Management, Protective Intelligence, and Crisis Response Strategies. He is a fully licensed clinical psychologist in Michigan and is the Executive Director of the Incident Management Team.

Dr. Wolf has developed Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Response Programs for Fortune 500 companies and organizations including Chrysler, the U.S. Postal Service, federal agencies and the United States Army.  Dr. Wolf was given the USASOC Medallion for Excellence by Lieutenant General Philip Kensinger, Jr., Commander, for his training on Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment and Crisis Recovery After Mass Casualty Events at Military Installations, on May 7, 2003, conducted at Ft. Bragg Special Operations Command (USASOC), Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He helped develop global Violence Prevention/Threat and Crisis Management Programs for Intel, Eaton, Nortel Corporations and trained threat assessment teams worldwide. As a Police Psychologist, he consulted with numerous law enforcement agencies including the Detroit Police Department, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Depart and the U.S. Marshals Service.

Dr. Wolf was a responder to the World Trade Center Terrorist and Pentagon attacks and two U.S. Postal Shootings and numerous workplace emergencies and critical incidents. He has been a News Analyst for ABC and NBC News after disasters and mass shootings. Dr. Wolf received his B.A. from Columbia College and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University.

Curriculum Vitae: Kenneth L. Wolf, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenneth L. Wolf consults on Workplace Violence Prevention, Behavioral Threat Management, Crisis Management and Response Strategies. He is a fully licensed clinical psychologist in Michigan and is the Managing Partner of the Incident Management Team with affiliates worldwide.

Dr. Wolf assisted US Army Infantry Units on-site at Ground Zero and the Fresh Kills Land Fill after the World Trade Center Terrorist attack and has trained mass casualty crisis recovery teams for Army military commands and private sector clients. He has been a Violence Management and Crisis Response Consultant to the United States Postal Service and assisted with site management and critical incident debriefing logistics following the mass shootings at the United States Post Office in Royal Oak (1991) and Dearborn, Michigan (1993).  He also assisted with Crisis Management Response after the Northwest air disasters of Flight #255 (1987) and Northwest Flights #299 and #1482 (1990). Dr. Wolf assisted Ryder System and UAW- General Motors after the Oklahoma City Terrorist bombing.

Dr. Wolf has been a consultant for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense in the areas of Violence Prevention, Protective Intelligence and Crisis Response.  He consulted with the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA) HQC in Mass Casualty Response to Terrorist Events. Since 1994, he was an Instructor with the U.S. Army Civilian Human Resource Center (CPOCMA) at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds, training Army Command, supervisors and personnel from Army installations world-wide.  He has assisted with / implemented training programs for Redstone Installation/ U.S. Aviation and Missile Command, USATA, Army Materiel Command (AMC) Headquarters, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Ft. Bragg Special Operations Command (USASOC), STRICOM, Naval Warfare Center; Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), Army Evaluation Center (AEC) Aberdeen, Ft. Lewis, Defense Logistics Agency Command (DLA HQC) Fort Belvoir, Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS), Fort Meade, Fort McAlester, Fort Drum, Blue Grass Army Depot, Polk Air Force Base, Kirtland AFB, Rock Island Arsenal, Fort McCoy and Fort Carson.

Dr. Wolf was given the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Medallion for Excellence by Lieutenant General Philip Kensinger, Jr., Commander, for his training on Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment and Crisis Recovery After Mass Casualty Events at Military Installations, on May 7, 2003, conducted at United States Army Training Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

On behalf of the American Society on Industrial Security (ASIS), Dr. Wolf gave testimony on Worksite Violence and Threat Assessment before Congressional Committees of the United States Senate and House in Washington D.C. on November 2, 1994.  He presented at ASIS National Conferences on Workplace Violence in Tempe, AZ, Washington

D.C., Las Vegas, NV, Philadelphia, PA, Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL 2005, and on the Dynamics of Terrorism at the ASIS National Conference on Domestic Terrorism in Washington D.C. (1995).

Dr. Wolf assisted in writing the National Critical Incident Crisis Programs for UAW-General Motors, UAW-DaimlerChrysler, Pinkerton, and American Natural Resources (ANR) and trained their Crisis Response Team members at their North American facilities, respectively.  He also helped develop global Violence Prevention/Threat Management Programs for Intel and Eaton Corporation and trained threat assessment teams in North America, England, Holland, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia and  Southeast Asia, and for BASF, Pinkerton, Nortel.

He has consulted with or conducted seminars on worksite violence, threat assessment, Active Shooters, crisis response for the World Bank, Southern California Edison, General Electric, AT&T, Intel, Ryder Systems, Wendy’s, NBC, Lockheed-Martin, BASF, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Sandia National Laboratory, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), U.S. Dept. of Labor OSHA, U. S. Office of Personnel Management: Federal Executive Institute- (FEI), Library of Congress, TRW Corporation, American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, Masco, DTE Energy- Detroit Edison, Dayton-Hudson, Fortune 500 Companies, Cigna, American Society of Employers, the Greater Detroit and New York Chambers of Commerce, EAPA and EASNA.  He has also worked with KeyBank, First Chicago National Bank of Detroit, SIAC (New York, American Stock Exchanges), Taubman Company, Northwest Airlines and Kroger’s.  Dr. Wolf and IMT have been a crisis response partner for the Accident Fund of America and provided on-site crisis recovery activities for their insured companies after fatalities and serious industrial accidents.

As a Police Psychologist, Dr. Wolf has consulted in critical incident stress management (CISM) programs with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) EAP, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, GA., U.S. Bureau of Prisons, Office of the U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Postal Service, Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA) Langley, and has been a Senior Crisis Consultant to Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County’s Emergency Management Response Teams and the Psychological Crisis Consultant to Wayne County’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team (Chemical/Biological Weapons).

From 1977-1985, Dr. Wolf  was a Police Psychological Consultant to the Detroit Police Department working with the Director of Personnel, Medical Section, Training Division, Personal Affairs Unit, Special Events, Communications and Narcotics Units. He performed fitness for duty evaluations, consulted on critical incident stress response (CISD) for officers in line-of- duty incidents, post- shooting trauma, conducted management studies regarding police suicides in the DPD, organizational work factors in the Civilian Dispatch Center and conducted short-term counseling for officers and family members reacting to stress, substance abuse and other personal problems.

From 1985-1995, Dr. Wolf was a sworn Special Deputy Sheriff  with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and was on the Executive Administrative Staff of the Sheriff.  He was Director of the Sheriff’s Department’s EAP and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team. For over 10 years, he trained peer deputy and correctional officer Crisis Intervention Teams for law enforcement critical incidents which were utilized after jail disturbances, assaults, shootings, mass casualty incidents (three Northwest Airplane crashes at the Airport) and line of duty critical incidents. He also consulted with Command on organizational issues and conducted fitness for duty evaluations, employee assessments for distressed officers, counseling services for officers and their family members and taught in the Sheriff’s Department Police Academy. From 1986-1994, he was a Crisis Coordinator for the Wayne County Office of Emergency Operations.

Since 1984 Dr. Wolf has been the Crisis Response Consultant to the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM) serving 65 departments and also for MAP. He has conducted CISM activities for police departments including Dearborn, Livonia, St. Clair County Sheriffs Department, Pontiac, Redford, Sterling Heights, Taylor, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Southfield, Ferndale, Plymouth, Walled Lake, Clinton Township, Roseville, Romulus, Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, East Detroit, and Inkster. He has trained police, security, fire and emergency service CISM teams throughout North America. He was a member of the Michigan Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) and a Certified Trainer of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) in Peer Support Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).

From 2003-2009, Dr. Wolf  was Adjunct Faculty at Michigan State University, School of Criminal Justice, where he taught seminars in Threat Assessment and Crisis Management. He was an  MCOLES instructor and taught the MCOLES funded course, Training Police, Correction Officers, Probation, Parole and Court Personnel on How to Manage Contacts with Mentally Ill Citizens. He has taught this course for three years to police, sheriffs departments statewide and for the Michigan Department of Corrections. He also taught at the Miami Dade College School of Criminal Justice and has been on the faculty of the Institute for Continuing Education (ICLES) sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School. In conjunction with Oakland University CREST, Dr Wolf taught the MCOLES course, delivered through 6 SE Michigan Schools of Criminal Justice:  How to Implement Police Department Critical Incident Response Programs.

As a consultant for the United States Attorney General’s Office and the United States Marshals Service, Dr. Wolf was qualified as an Expert Witness in Violence Assessment and Post-Traumatic Stress by Chief Federal Judge James C. Turk of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia.

Dr. Wolf has consulted on litigation defense strategies regarding potentially violent and critical incidents with law firms including Morgan Lewis & Bachius; Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker; Gardner, Carton & Douglas; Constangy, Brooks & Smith; Clark Hill; Dykema Gosset; Dickinson Wright; Kella Thoma; Eastman and Smith; Foster Swift Collins & Smith; Varnum Rittering Schmidt & Howlett and the City of Detroit Law Department.

He has been a News Analyst for the Detroit affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS television.  Dr. Wolf received his B.A. from Columbia College and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Wayne State University.