Company Threat Assessment Team

This active learning course is designed to enable company Threat Assessment Teams to  assess threat and risk relating to critical incidents, and to quickly and effectively mobilize their response.  The following are the overall learning objectives:

  • enhance the Threat Assessment Team’s capacity to recognize varieties of threats from employees, contractors, customers or other individuals towards personnel and assets.
  • assist the Threat Assessment Team to understand documentation requirements for managing threatening and intimidating incidents.
  1. To discuss Threat Assessment Team policies, roles, responsibilities operating in a joint setting
  2. To train the Threat Assessment Team in conducting an initial investigation and risk assessment and to develop reasonable protective strategies in terms of:

a.  Potential perpetrator

b.  Target

c.  Other “at-risk” individuals

D.  Organizational assets and interests

  • train the Threat Assessment Team to safely assess, intervene and manage the potentially violent individual
  • incorporate actual case histories for interactive analysis of risk reduction.
  • apply threat management skills to complex, progressive simulated threat cases.