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Out of Control

Workplace violence and traumatic events hurt people, operations, property, and the bottom line. In spite of our mixed reactions of horror, fascination, and determined rhetoric, violence has increased in intensity.

The cost to business is more than $4.2 billion annually. A serious incident costs the employer an average of $250,000 in direct costs, and typically triggers a flurry of legal and insurance claims.

So despite increasing prevalence and proximity, most companies are poorly prepared to prevent or respond effectively to violent incidents. They are playing high-stake odds that it won’t happen here.

Workplace threats, intimidation, and violent events have grown to epidemic proportions – one in four workers are victimized each year – and yet it remains largely out of control.

Violence Prevention and Containment

The Incident Management Team has developed a comprehensive risk management system designed to prevent and. contain workplace violence, and to effectively minimize the aftermath of violent and tragic incidents.

AllianceNetThe AllianceNet System™ and its integrated processes are based on practical experience involving psychological, social, organizational, and security realities and practice that addresses the entire spectrum of anger, aggression, and  violence.

Proactive strategies and processes prepare, support, and enable client companies to prevent and contain workplace violence, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing human and financial costs.

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